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Cisco and I learned far more than I imagined we would

Cisco and I came to Smart Dog LLC on a recommendation from a local K9 Officer, taking his advice was one of the best decisions I ever made! I opted for the Private lessons for basic puppy obedience and Cisco and I learned far more than I imagined we would. I’ve owned dogs for over 50 years including two other German Shepherds besides Cisco and am comfortable saying my lessons with Smart Dog LLC are excellent and superior to all of the other training programs and trainers I’ve experienced over the years. Lea is a very gifted instructor/trainer and an exceptional communicator with a unique ability in understanding the needs of both Cisco and myself as well as our strengths and weaknesses. Cisco and I are moving on to the intermediate private training with Lea and Smart Dog and I am very confident that Cisco and I will learn and advance far more than I imagine and it will be as much fun and as rewarding as our basic training has been! It has been awesome to watch as Cisco has excelled and developed under Lea’s tutelage! The training facility itself is awesome and very conducive to a positive homelike environment to learn in. I am very grateful to the K9 Officer who recommended Smart Dog LLC and like him I highly recommend them. I make a two hour round trip drive to training and I consider it well worth it!!

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