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About Smart Dog Obedience Training

Smart Dog LLC is a dog obedience school located in Metamora, MI and it was founded by Lea DiBella in 2013. Our goal Is to educate owners on canine needs and the importance of properly meeting them. We believe in balanced training with a strong focus on positive reinforcement through all levels of Obedience.  Smart Dog has grown to a crew of five amazing women, who work together to produce attentive, relaxed and confident Smart Dogs!

Our priority is the proper training of the dogs based on their needs, when we adhere to this philosophy, everything else falls into place.  Our services always exceed the expectations of our clients.


Lea DiBella is Smart Dog's owner/operator and chief dog trainer.
About Lea DiBella
Owner/Head Trainer

Lea has trained dogs for over 18 years, she interned under a trainer for two years prior to beginning to train herself.  She began by training part time and after that and ended up being head trainer of an Obedience training company.  Lea oversaw and trained 15-20 dogs at a time, managed the kennel, taught the owners how to use the training and did all the follow-up appointments and classes needed to maintain the training.  She did this all over a 10 year time span.  


Prior to that Lea trained and competed horses in dressage and jumping. She has loved animals all her life.  It is her goal to train dogs and educate humans on the proper needs of the canine.


In 2013, she decided a change was needed. She took her passion for dogs and opened Smart Dog Obedience, which allowed her to follow her dream of giving each and every dog the quality time and individualized attention they need.  

A canine state of mind, this is what humands need to understand when bring a dog into their lives.
Our Philosophy

A canine state of mind, that is what we as humans need to understand when bringing a dog into our lives. We train dogs using balanced training methods. Smart dogs need safety, boundaries, and love to be an enjoyment in our lives and to be successful, relaxed and confident in theirs. Obedience is the foundation for all other training disciplines. Let us give you and your canine the training and tools for a harmonious relationship.

Professional, insured trainer makes sure your dog has a positive experience and comes away a happier dog!

Dog training customized to their owners' needs
Customized Training

We are not an advocate of punishment-based training,  Our focus is on teaching the dog what to do, promoting behaviors the owner wants, and using these behaviors under the face of distraction.


We are experienced in behavior modification and can consult on behavioral issues.

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