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Smart Dog Programs


Dogs need safety, proper nutrition, training, physical exercise as well as mental stimulation to be relaxed and confident. Obedience is the foundation for a well-mannered family dog. Let us give you and your canine the education and tools for a successful relationship that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment for both. I have trained dogs and their humans for 15 years, it is my passion and life.


Off Leash Obedience

Send your dog away for approximately six weeks to the beautiful countryside of Metamora, Michigan to gain an off-leash obedience education. They will spend their time training, being properly socialized, hiking the fields and trails, and playing. Your dog will come home relaxed, confident, and attentive with a vocabulary of 16 commands. Smart Dog’s In Kennel Program produces a well-trained dog with its natural personality intact.

  • 6 Week In-Kennel Training Program

  • 16 Off-Leash Commands

  • One Year Follow Up Of Group Outings

  • Lifetime Phone Support


Private Training

One on one training with you, your dog and a trainer. We offer beginner and intermediate private sessions. Flexible scheduling and customized to your dog's needs.

• Puppy Behaviors • Crate Training & House Breaking • Come • Sit • Down • Stay • Leash Walking • Heel • Hup • Off • Place • Distance Work • Distraction Work


Other Services
  • Behavior Modification And Counseling

  • Board And Train Daily Programs

  • Free Phone Consultations

Smart Dog obedience training programs in Southeastern Michigan.

“Before Bucky entered your class, he was difficult for me to handle... after sevaral weeks, he came home a different dog and well-behaved."  ​

Joanne Deskin, Bucky's owner

“Upon meeting Lea, Mike and I knew we were in the presence of someone highly gifted at training dogs."  ​

Cameo Rogers, Kona's owner


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