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Two Smart Dogs are better than one!

Our family welcomed Nora the labradoodle puppy into our home in Winter 2019. Since we already had Loretta the labradoodle Smart Dog (in-kennel graduate Spring 2017), there was no question Nora would go to Smart Dog too.

From the start Nora had an excellent disposition and we wanted to keep it that way! She completed her Smart Dog training in Spring 2019 and, because we already had Loretta the Smart Dog, Nora’s homecoming was seamless. Lea and her team taught Nora how to make smart choices to keep her out of harm’s way. If one or both dogs gets excited or distracted, we confidently use the commands to reel them back in. We’ve never had dogs that could be trusted not to chase a squirrel or flee as soon as they saw the opportunity, but our Smart Dogs know they can trust us to keep them safe. If anyone is considering training their puppy or dog, I recommend Smart Dog LLC with zero hesitation. I have yet to find a dog training facility that can offer the services found at Smart Dog LLC. Beyond the training programs, Lea offers ongoing support to her clients and graduates by providing resources, answering questions and hosting several outings per month as refreshers.

Our dogs love Lea and their Smart Dog family and we love having Smart Dogs – thank you!!!

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