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What a great experience!

Wow! What a great experience! Addison is a big and strong dog that was very reactive to other dogs. She wanted to play with every dog she saw. We started Addison in private training with Lea when she was about 6 months old. Addison completed both Beginner and Intermediate classes. We saw huge improvements but there were a few behaviors that I was struggling to get under control, including her reactivity to other dogs. We made the decision to do the In-Kennel program. This was the BEST decision we made! Addison came home to us a wonderfully trained, confident and relaxed dog. I am also much more relaxed on walks with her and look forward to taking her on new adventures. It was a truly wonderful experience working with Lea and her staff. Everyone treated Addison like one of their own. Thanks everyone at Smart Dog and I’ll be seeing you on many outings!

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