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What a difference!

We got a German Shepherd puppy in July 2017 and shortly found ourselves the owners of 93 pounds of energy & mayhem. “Yukon” was a wonderful dog, but desperately in need of direction and training.

I found SmartDog LLC with a internet search for dog training in Lapeer County. After a brief consultation with Lea, the owner/trainer at SmartDog, we signed Yukon up for the six week in-kennel training program. I jokingly called it “summer camp,” but it was no joke when Yukon was finished with the program. What a difference!

Yukon is an absolute pleasure to take for walks now. She used to drag me along behind her and now she walks calmly and obediently when on a leash. I usually take her for walks in the woods and on state land trails, so typically don’t even use a leash. I have recently run into a few people out on the trails and Yukon comes right to me when called ...and sits and stays until I release her! Before her training, she would have charged up to the people and jumped on them!

Would I recommend Lea and SmartDog training? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, I’ve already recommended this facility to a number of people and I will continue to do so.

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