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We have a well-behaved puppy now

My Weimaraner puppy was a handful, for sure. He was stubborn, destructive, impossible to walk, and had a mind of his own, which did not include listening to me. We were clueless as to what to do with Brady. I was so anxious and hopeful when I heard about the training results of Smart Dogs. Lea is very likable, confident and informative. Brady trained with Smart Dogs for 7 weeks which went by much quicker than we anticipated. To our surprise, Lea's training of Brady did not disappoint. The transference of training methodology was smooth and made a lot of sense. We are very pleased with the results. We have a well behaved puppy now, and can hardly believe that he is the same dog. He responds well to my commands, is much more at peace in the home, and heels and runs with me daily with ease. The walks that used to be so difficult are now our favorite part of our day. I never run alone anymore, and Brady is amazing off leash as well. If you have a Weim, they need to be run a lot and I am so happy with his training. We enjoy life with our Smart Dog now. It was definitely worth the investment. We are enjoying some follow up training and Smart Dog outings which have helped with fine tuning and any situations that come up. Thanks you so much Lea!

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