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Smart Dog saved Bear's life.

Smart Dog saved Bear’s life. He was a very aggressive and out of control dog. He was very loving to me but very aggressive to other people and dogs. He was on drugs to control his aggression, but they just made him stoned all the time. He bit someone and so I took him to Lea and asked if he could be saved and she worked with him and he is a different dog. I have been able to take him on boats with my friends and they can’t believe he is the same dog. All I hear is "Is that the same dog?", best money on training I spent. I had tried other trainers for the first two years of his life twice a week and didn’t see any improvement . She truly saved his life, because I wasn’t sure if he could be saved and didn’t think I should give him to a shelter because of aggressiveness. Thank God for Smart dog LLC.

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