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Lea is the best thing we could have every done for our puppy

Penny. We knew that if we were going to have a sane family life for the next 10-12 years, we needed some help. Now, Penny was never a bad dog. She is sweet, kind, loving, and empathetic, but she loved socks and loved jumping on the counter and opening bedroom doors. We were tired of keeping her on a leash in the house 24/7 so we knew where she was at all times and tired of taking her to the vet to get socks out of her belly. We needed help and Lea was the answer. We were a bit skeptical how all this training Lea would teach Penny would pass on to us, but when we showed up to our "transfer" lesson, I couldn't believe how well Penny responded. She sat, heeled, went into a down.... all the 16 commands Lea promised Penny would learn in 6 short weeks. Now, you might be thinking that 6 weeks is a long time and you can't be separated from your puppy for that long, but it goes by fast and just think of all the years you well have ahead of you with no is well worth it. Penny's personality didn't change at all, she is still sweet, kind, loving and empathetic, she is just safer and more comfortable in our house and when she is with us outside (especially on those walks without a leash or downtown at the farmers market). When people come to our house and Penny is just sitting on her mat by the front door, waiting to be released from her "place" command, their mouths drop open. They can't believe it (that's because no one has sent their dog to Lea). They are envious of how well behaved she is and we owe it all to Lea. When my children go to their friends' houses and their dogs are jumping all over the place, running out the front door only having to chase them down the block to get them back inside, and don't stop barking, my children realize that this is why we sent Penny away for 6 weeks. They are so happy to have the "smart dog." All their friends are envious and our family is proud of our Penny. We would not hesitate at all to recommend Lea and have done so and will continue to do so over and over again. Best money we ever spent!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.....HEATHER, ANTHONY, LONDYN, KENDALL AND PENNY PTASZNIK

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