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The best gift for our puppy.

I cannot say enough positive things about Lea and Smart Dog, LLC! We were looking for a training program that was a little more structured than the standard puppy classes we already completed. Smart Dog LLC's in-kennel program was the best gift we could ever give our puppy and we could not be happier!

Our Labradoodle puppy, Loretta, has always been very fun and loving, but she was starting to exhibit some behavior that we wanted to "nip in the bud". She would do annoying things like chewing on shoes and furniture, but also aggressive things like biting and running out of the yard. We did a lot of research into puppy training programs in Oakland County and the Smart Dog in-kennel program made the most sense. The ability for the dog to board in the training environment offers a consistency that most owners can't provide, and the program itself is second to none. Loretta learned to feel safe and confident in a secure and loving environment. Now that she's home, we enjoy her in a way we couldn't before. Instead of looking for mischief, Loretta knows how to make smart choices. She has always been friendly, but now we can trust her to interact appropriately with other people and dogs. She makes good choices and if she falters, Lea gave us the skills to lovingly correct her and bring her back to her safe zone.

I'm so glad we decided to send Loretta to Smart Dog, LLC and highly recommend their programs to anyone with a puppy or dog!

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