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I instantly knew SmartDog was a fit

My little girl Maggie and I went out to meet Lea at the "farm" and I instantly knew this would be a good fit for myself and Maggie. I dropped of a 7 month old smart, curious, rambunctious and obstinate puppy hoping for the best. Lea would send out updates and photos of Maggie's progression through the training always at the right time. It is as though she knows when you are missing your dog and need an update.

Finally the day came to head out for my training. I had practiced my commands as instructed by Lea. As I was out of sight watching Lea and Maggie go through their training ritual I can honestly say I was overcome with pride of how well she was doing. While she was the same dog I had dropped off she had grown immensely. She was well behaved, confident and still playful. She was truly a transformed dog. In the following training. With us all as Lea told me from the beginning Maggie will only be as good as I was with the training. Our daily walks and time together consist of working our way through her knowledge she gained while at Smart Dog LLC. I would recommend Smart Dog LLC to anyone who is looking to make their dog more confident, well mannered and loving. Thanks Again for everything Lea!

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