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Lea was seemingly fearless as well as compassionate

Upon meeting Lea, Mike & I knew we were in the presence of someone highly gifted at training dogs. Lea was seemingly fearless, as well as compassionate, with the attitude of no challenge being to great. Kona was a one of those challenges; she was a rescue living feral on the streets of South East Detroit. Kona came with some behavioral baggage to say the least and we needed a trainer who was the best of the best in the business to work with her. The day we got Kona back from training was as if we were witnessing a new and improved version of our once fearful, unpredictable, and aggressive dog. With a baby on the way we couldn’t be happier to confidently know how good of a dog Kona is now and that we have nothing to worry about with her around our new baby. We couldn’t thank Lea enough for what she’s done for our family. There’s no more yelling and getting stressed out over our dog's behavior. If anything, Kona has become a great stress reliever and an absolute joy! Everywhere we go whether its on our stand-up paddle board on the lake or heeling in downtown Birmingham, we get so many compliments on her excellent behavior. People say, “Why can’t my dog behave like that!?” The secret lies in Lea’s expertise formed on her years of experience with all different types of dogs and situations. Thank you Lea!

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