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My husband and I are so happy that we put Cooper through Smart Dog Obedience Training program. Cooper just turned 1 year old and has been home from the program for 5 months and is the best little guy. No more unwanted jumping up and nipping us. He knows his commands well and Lea is great about providing follow up visits and outings to help reinforce the training assuring his and our continued success.

Training with Lea provided us many valuable and necessary tools for Cooper's safety and well being and instilled confidence for him to help make the training successful wherever we go. What we love best is not having to tie him out to potty and being able to play and hike in our woods with Cooper hands free without worrying he is going to run off or chase squirrels - or the neighbors cat. We have problems with coyote in our area and Cooper's consistency at staying within his boundaries of our yard and coming when called is an absolute must for his safety. Our friends always remark what a good puppy he is and how well behaved and happy he is.

While it was difficult to let him go for 6 weeks it was truly worth it and knowing he was in Lea's care in a safe, warm, and friendly environment was very reassuring for us. She really loves dogs and especially cares and bonds with the dogs she works with. And now we have a smart, confident, happy dog who is a joy to take anywhere.

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