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Our dalmatian puppy Dexter was a naturally shy, frightened, but agressive dog. I tried socializing him at a very young age and took him many places, but eventually I could not even get him through the door to the vet's office without him barking and trying to run away. We decided to enroll him into Lea's Off Leash in Kennel Training program. After 6 weeks away, he was a new dog! He still had the same great qualities that we loved in him, but now he was a smart and confident dog. We are now able to take him in public, to the store, and even to softball games with kids screaming, running around, people yelling, etc. and he follows my commands without question. Lea gave us (and him) the tools to lead a happier, more relaxing life. At only 10 months old, Dexter is now less stressed and able to be the fun loving Dalmatian that we wanted- all thanks to Lea! We highly recommend Lea as a dog AND people trainer!

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