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Lea completely changed the way we view life with our dog, Gino. Gino was just a goofy big boy that didn't have manners and had a bad habit of eating (and completely swallowing!) any soft item on the floor. We lived with baby gates throughout our house and had to watch Gino at all times. It was exhausting. Lea came in and completely bonded with Gino. He absolutely loved working with her and was his same sweet and goofy self with her, only much more aware, confident and relaxed. He started to look to us for direction and was eager to hear his next command. Lea has allowed us the comfort of taking Gino everywhere we go without having to worry about him jumping on others, running through someone's house, or stealing soft objects off the floor. Everyday with Gino can now be different as he can go to the busiest of dog parks and will come when called, will walk in a pet store without grabbing every bone he walks by, and will listen to our every command when we enter someone's home. It's been a complete life changer for us and we are SO incredibly happy that we completed the training while he was young! Couldn't have imagined better results and are so thankful to Lea for her patience, love of dogs, and her passion for making your family pet a great one!

Thank you Lea!

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