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"Leah worked a miracle. Pablo is utterly transformed!"

I got a rescue puppy for my 11 year old. The honeymoon lasted oh... give or take - 24 hours.

Pablo scratched and clawed walls, chewed base molding, menaced and snapped at the neighbors. I took him to a couple puppy training sessions but he was impossible to handle, hard to walk without wildly dragging me all over the sidewalk etc I was so distraught with puppy Pablo, I did not see any way I could keep this thing in my house. I did not have the time or the know-how to train this wild animal. Even my kid didn't want anything to do with him.

A friend recommended Lea and Smart Dog Training. I honestly did not want to invest the money in him because I was very cross at this point and solidly convinced i would never love Pablo. He was the worst dog ever. He had ruined my life. Finally I gave him over to Lea.

I'll be honest. I dreaded the return of Pablo and loudly hinted to Lea that she could keep him forever. I was VERY skeptical. But after 6 wks, much to my severe disappointment, Pablo was returned to me. I braced for the worst. BUT WAIT!

Lea worked a miracle. Pablo is utterly transformed. He is now super well behaved and listening to commands! he is relaxed and comfortable! He no longer jumps up on people, no barking/growling at every passing dog or human! He comes immediately when called! walks calmly next to me even without a leash. Pablo is now a fun and happy dog, and unbelievably, an excellent pet.

Lea is a magician. I now actually LOVE Pablo and I never thought I would say that! Smart Dog and Lea are life-changing. Her training program REALLY works and is the only way to go. The investment was absolutely worth it and Lea is awesome to work with! If you're debating, DON'T. Smart Dog is the only choice.

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