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We enrolled Violet in Smart Dog's off-leash program and it has worked wonders!

Shortly after we got Violet, it became clear that she would be a challenge. Although Violet’s a very sweet and friendly dog, she has a mind of her own and quickly became a challenge for our household. Leash pulling, jumping up on people, not coming when called and frequent mouthing were some of the unwanted behaviors that we needed to resolve. She needed a training program from a professional as our attempt to train Violet ourselves was not producing enough positive results.

We enrolled Violet in Smart Dog’s off-leash program and it has worked wonders! When properly applying the program’s techniques, Violet will know and follow all learned commands. She’s a joy to take on walks and has greatly improved the way she handles herself around our family, strangers and other dogs. I would recommend this training program to anyone who wants to have their dog become an enjoyable part of their family for years to come. Thanks Lea!

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