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...our beautiful 80 pound girl became a well-rounded dog...

Honey is a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, who loves everyone and enjoys life. By taking Honey to be trained by Lea, our beautiful 80 pound girl, became a well-rounded dog, who listens, walks with dignity and is able to really enjoy life.

We are "snow birds" and winter in Florida. Previously we did not trust Honey to stay with us on the beach, and we had to keep her on a long leash. Since Honey's training she now plays with other dogs, runs around with freedom, and loves the beach. We can take her leash off, she comes when called. We can walk anywhere with her, give her the heel command, and she stays right by our side. Honey even enjoys the occasional "happy hour" experience, usually in a down stay!

Our friends come to visit, and Honey does "place" and waits until everyone settles in, and then greets the guests with 4 feet on the floor! This was really a miracle!

We are so pleased, our dog enhances our life, we can take her where we want to take her, and we owe it all to Lea and her awesome training.

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