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A life-changing experience for the entire family!


o say that Lea trained our dog is an understatement....she transformed him! It has been unbelievable seeing the process and we are forever grateful to Lea for her experience and dedication.

We have a 2 year old Goldendoodle. Before meeting Lea, we had done a bit of training with another company without much success. Their training techniques were impractical and ineffective.

Our dog was very friendly and enjoyable in the house but quite a handful outside of the house or whenever company was over. He barked constantly, never came when called in circumstances with distraction, and jumped on people. However, he was wonderful with our children (with the exception of some mouthing), so we managed to put up with his less than ideal behaviors.

The pivotal point came after our 5th child was born. Again, he was wonderful with the baby but became very protective of our house. We had an electric fence and realized that he was growling at anyone who approached the fence line. At one point, a neighbor approached him while he was in our bushes and he lunged at her. We were concerned with his protectiveness and worried about his aggression. At that point, we were desperate and thankfully were referred to Lea.

After a few weeks, she worked her magic and now our dog is back home and everyone is happy! We have control of him inside and out. He no longer barks or jumps. And we can actually take him for walks with multiple bikes and strollers and kids running ahead -- the dog remains focused despite all the distractions!

The training techniques are effective but more importantly practical. With our busy household and constant chaos, Lea taught us how to handle our dog in a way that is fair to the dog but manageable too. We couldn't be more pleased and are so happy to have our well-behaved dog back!!

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