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A life-changing experience for the entire family!

We are so grateful to have met Lea at an open house of a local pet food store where several of her off-leash training graduates were showing off their skills inside the store. My daughter and I were envious of the owners of these dogs that were behaving so well amidst so much activity and stimulation. We knew that our dog, Charlie, would have been completely out of control in such an environment.

Before Charlie’s training with Lea, he was very difficult to handle outside. He pulled aggressively when being walked which made it impossible for my young daughter to control him as he’s very strong. If she played with him in the back yard, he often got distracted with other things and would not return when called. (We don’t have any fences in our subdivision.) Many times he would run after neighbors, people walking by, and/or other dogs and he was very difficult to retrieve! My daughter stopped wanting to do anything with him outside as it was just too frustrating and unpredictable. It became necessary to leash and walk with him every time he needed to potty outside which, during the harsh winter months, was incredibly inconvenient. Our training attempts were only mildly successful; Charlie was becoming a chore rather than the joy that a pet can and should be. We desperately needed someone to help us train Charlie to be obedient to our commands.

That is where Lea’s expert training saved the day. We enrolled Charlie in her off-leash program and the transformation was truly incredible! After a few short weeks, Charlie returned to us with a much calmer demeanor and with skills that made life so much easier and more enjoyable. All the frustrating experiences of pulling, chasing, jumping up, and running off and not returning were gone. Charlie responds immediately to all the commands that allow us to control his behavior and keep him safe. And, Lea made sure we, as owners, had all the knowledge and tools to reinforce Charlie’s training. With private follow-up meetings and training sessions, (included as part of the off-leash training program), we are much more confident owners too.

Thank you, Lea, for your training expertise and professionalism throughout the process. It was a life-changing experience for the entire family. We are so pleased to say that Charlie is no longer just a pet, he’s a companion and cherished family member.

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