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We are so pleased with Lea’s talent and passion for what she does...

I am a returning client of Lea DiBella, She trained my first Bulldog in a class setting and we have recently partnered up in our businesses because of our common love of dogs. I am Owner of Oxford Bulldog Club and breed AKC English Bulldogs, We have a new stud that we produced last year and he is a VERY energetic bulldog. After evaluating him we agreed a 6-week training session would be best for my boy, Lucky. He has completed his 6 weeks with Lea and has come back a new dog! His personality is still the same but his behaviors are now in control. He learned 8 plus commands and we are now doing follow up appointments and lots of practice at home. We are so pleased with Lea’s talent and passion for what she does. Oxford Bulldog club is a proud supporter of Smart Dog and will only refer our clients to the best. There is no better testimonial than when you have seen it for yourself with your own dog. Thank you Smart Dog for making my Lucky Pants a very Smart Dog!

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