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He came back much calmer, confident and attentive...

I am so thankful that we had Riley trained at Smart Dog. Very soon after we brought Riley home as a pup I realized that because of stressful situations that arose I would not have the time nor energy to train him.

We have a home filled with children and grandchildren and lots of activity. One of the grandchildren was afraid of dogs and so I was concerned he might become even more so because he had never been around an active playful puppy. I needed the right person to give Riley the attention he needed to nurture him and show him how to be a confident, obedient, and loveable member of our busy family. We heard about Lea, and Smart Dog from a friend, so I gave her a call. Right from the start Lea went over and above to answer all my questions, and boy did I have a lot! She has been one of, if not the most professional person I have ever known. Extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of dog ownership and different problem situations with no judgement for us dog owners... only encouragement.

He came back much calmer, confident, and attentive, while still being his loveable goofy self. Love that. All the follow-up meetings and knowing that I can call her any time to ask her anything is great. I feel so much better knowing that future meetings (which are included in the training package) will reinforce MY training.

The hardest thing was simply not seeing our puppy for a while. But I understood, and it was all worth it. Everyone in the family was so excited to have him come home and what a homecoming it was. Everyone in the family was enjoying Riley, giving him lots of love and attention. I was thrilled when I saw our grandson, who had been to afraid to pet him sitting calmy next to him petting him. :-) Best family night ever. Lea made that happen.

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