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I can confidently let him outside ...without a leash

I wanted to send you a quick note on Ace Luciano’s progress since his training with you. He is wonderful! As you know when we first met, I’m a working mom and was trying to make my children happy by having a puppy in the home.

After training with you in the 8-week overnight program, Ace does a wonderful job walking through the neighborhood and I don’t even have to hold his leash. He even stops and sits at the street corners till I release him to cross.

Most importantly, I can confidently let him outside to go potty without putting him on a rope or leash and know that he will come back inside versus running away.

He is so good, that I was able to expand on the training you started with him and he is now a registered therapy dog. Were very proud of Ace and really appreciative of the time and effort you put forth to train Ace and as well, the time and effort you put forth to train me as well J It takes the whole family to make it work… it’s not just magic.

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to seeing you at your refresher courses in the future. Also, please keep me posted on your boarding process and facilities.

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