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Lea worked with her diligently to behave

I have known Lea for approximately three years. We have a rat terrier named Stella who is now almost four-years-old. Lea worked and trained Stella for six weeks and her professional training skills speak for themselves. Stella had been taking over the house and not in a good way. Our 10-year-old fox terrier didn't like Stella either.

I seriously couldn't believe Stella's behavior when I picked her up (from training). Before she was unruly, wild and out of control unless she was exhausted from playing ball. Lea worked with her diligently to behave in a controlled fashion. Making Stella feel safe and secure via training was crucial in her development of socializing with the family. I appreciate Lea's dedication and expertise in helping Stella realize her potential as a welcomed and valued member of our family. She is now pursuing her Therapy Dog License (UPDATE: which she now holds) and I hope to be able to share her with others who are in need of a dose of puppy love. I respect Lea for her knowledge and ability to help train a dog who is out of control and also help the owners to continue that wonderful leadership. Lea's outstanding talent has helped make Stella excel as a wonderful pet and I am so appreciative of that.

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