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Storm had transformed into a new version of herself

We adopted Storm about a year ago with no intentions of any in depth training like what Lea has to offer. Out of the blue, someone mentioned Smart Dog LLC and how it changed their dogs life and their relationship with their dog. So the next day we picked up the phone and scheduled an appointment.

Storm was nervous, anxious and very fearful since the day we rescued her, and our only hope since day one was that she could live out the rest of her life happy, content, confident and safe.

We knew we had nothing to worry about after seeing the result of the training, so we dropped her off with the best intention and the best wishes.

When we picked her up, she had transformed into a new version of herself. We couldn’t believe it! Storm was everything we had hoped she could be for herself and for others around her. With everyday, Storm grows into that version of herself a little bit more and we couldn’t be more proud. What Lea and her staff were able to provide for our family is priceless. We look forward to sending our future pups back knowing they will always be in good hands.

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