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My mind was blown!

When I took Ellie to meet Lea for the first time, we were both not quite sure what to think going into it. After talking with Lea and hearing all Ellie would be able to do after the off leash program I signed her up that day!

Before the training walks with Ellie were quite the experience. If she saw a dog while on the leash she would go crazy barking, growling, and anything to try and get at the dog. Ellie LOVED to jump. She loved to jump so much she hit heads a lot with people that were standing. She also was a very anxious dog, always looking around seeing if there was anything to bark at.

When I first saw Ellie with Lea at the training session my mind was blown! Was this my dog? Why wasn't she jumping like a kangaroo, pulling Lea across the yard, and looking around every second to see if there is something she wants to bark at? When Ellie came home she was the same goofy girl she's always been, but she was much more well behaved! Now we go for walks and hikes and when we pass other dogs she acts like they're not even there. She even heels off leash. She doesn't head butt people anymore thanks to the off command. She knows where her safe "place" is no matter where we are. Ellie has come back a more confident dog, it's truly amazing! Her anxiety is gone, she can now sit on the couch next me (of course with her favorite command hup) and just hang out, without a worry.

It's nice to know that I'm safe when she's around and she knows she's safe because I'm around. Thank you Lea for allowing Ellie and I to do so much more together now!

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