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What a wonderful experience...!


What a wonderful experience we had with Lea and the SmartDog team! I now have two off leash trained pups by Lea and they are fabulous around the family, children and other dogs. We are thrilled with how well Max (50 lbs) and Ace (15 lbs) play together at home and go for walks around the neighborhood. We rescued Max about 18 months ago and weren’t sure how big he would get. He quickly grew to be a 50 lbs lab / boxer mix and we knew that Lea would help train him so we could keep him with the family. He is so well behaved and such a loving pup… we are so lucky to have found Lea and her expertise in Metamora.


Lea also helped our other pup Ace become trained as a therapy dog. When Grandpa came down ill, Ace was then able to visit him in the hospital and when Great-Grandma went into an assisted living home, Ace was able to visit her there too! It was a great experience for everyone and brought smiles to everyone that saw him.


We also feel confident leaving Max with Lea when we go on vacation, because she takes care of him like her own. Most importantly Max has such a great time socializing with other pups she has in her off-leash training program. I can’t say enough about Lea and her SmartDog team: fabulous, wonderful, kind-hearted, and amazing trainers that deliver successful results that last!

Thanks Lea to you and your team for everything you do!

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