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...Lea was amazing and so patient, she made us feel very comfortable...

After may frustrating months of trying to train our pup, Zeus on our own, we finally gave in and decided to turn him over to Lea with Smart Dog; the experience has been life changing to say the least. Lea made us feel so comfortable giving up our fur baby for six weeks; even though it was tough to be without him for so long, it was definitely worth it.

Zeus went away to "boot camp" and was an incredibly hyper, competitive and overall frustrating pup - we almost didn't recognize him when we picked him up. He is now so confident and well behaved. We receive compliments all the time now about what a good boy he is, something we never imagined before we had him trained with Smart Dog.

Lea was amazing and so patient; she made sure that we understood the logic behind the training and made us feel very comfortable before sending him home with us to ensure that all three of us (myself, my fiance and Zeus) would be successful.

I would never own another dog without having him or her trained by Smart Dog - it was well worth it and we couldn't be happier with our little gentleman!

Thank you Lea!

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